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Save time
Prevent incorrect material entering production
Save money
Reduce wastage and rework
Secure your reputation
Show traceable material conformance
The identiPol family provides a suite of instruments dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to the problems facing plastic processors in checking, identifying and comparing materials prior to running them on the production line.
identiPol bridges the gap between the basic tests found in traditional quality assurance facilities (Melt Flow Index, Heat Distortion Temperature etc.) and the complex instrumentation of the scientific laboratory (Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Fourier Transform Infra-Red etc.). When simple tests don't provide the information you need, or solve the problems you have and you either don't have, or can't afford the expensive laboratory solution: then the identiPol family is for you.

These small units are ideal to place alongside your manufacturing line and can easily be carried around from site to site. They can be used by unskilled and non-technical staff as the system guides the user through all of the key areas of operation.

Although small and compact, the identiPol family delivers as much punch as the research and development instruments its technology is derived from. In many cases where material has been identified as incorrect, our support staff are on hand to help explain why by looking deeper into your data.

If you are relying upon your supplier not to make mistakes, or your customers' patience if a shipment needs to be replaced - then you are losing money, time and reputation by not having identiPol systems in your factory.
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