identiPol QA2 with Lacerta data analysis from £80 pw

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What are the ADVANTAGES of using an identiPol in material QA

  • Quantify your material properties, e.g. melting point, end point, Quality Index Score (how closely each batch matches specification)
  • Quantifying material properties enables you to issue a certificate of conformance with each product batch delivered.

What are the DISADVANTAGES of NOT using an identiPol in material QA

  • Material with incorrect moulding / extrusion properties used in production - lost time, staff effort, energy costs?
  • Material with incorrect properties supplied - customer products fail delivery inspection - or even worse - fail in service!
"IdentiPol is now a fundamental part of our quality strategy and we use its existence as a clear indication to our supply chain as to how serious we are about managing the quality and consistency of our products."

Did you know that you now have the opportunity to rent an identiPol QA2 ?

If you would prefer to rent an identiPol QA2 instead of purchasing it outright please see details below, including our 'partner' option which includes unlimited identiPol data analysis by Lacerta's highly experienced staff.
Monthly cost for listed rental periods1 Year2 Year3 Year
identiPol QA2 - Thermoplastic QA (incl 150 sample holders)£410.00£376.00£342.00
identiPol Camera Option£36.15£33.14£30.13
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Prices exclude VAT. Installation and advanced payment are required. Terms & conditions apply. Full details available on request.
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