Injection Moulders

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Whether your production scale is small or large, the quality of incoming materials is critical to ensuring correct product performance. The identiPol range of instruments provides a simple quality assurance test which means you have more evidence than the supplier's spec sheet to know that the material is OK. The QA2 measures a range of parameters including the melting point and glass transition temperature and calculates a Quality Index, Score (QIS). A QIS of 7-10 indicates material is acceptable for production (PASS), whilst any values below 7 (FAIL) show the material has important differences.

There are two devices in the identiPol product range. The QA2 is used in the plastics conversion sector, either to reject bad material before it disrupts a production run, or to find new supply routes, or even warn that process conditions may need to be changed. The OIT provides the user with an international standard test (ISO-11357-6-2008), used to determine the thermal stability of a polymer.

The innovative identiPol product range brings laboratory grade thermal analysis techniques like Dynamic Mechanical Analysis and Differential Thermal Analysis into the industrial world. This traditionally scientific approach is condensed into a simple to use, cost-effective package that can be interpreted by someone with no scientific training.

Problems that can be caused by incorrect material for injection moulding

  • Short shots
  • Poor surface finish
  • Poor weld line
  • Poor colour dispersion
  • Ejector pin marks
  • Voids
  • Sink marks
  • Component distortion


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