Product problems caused by wrong material

UK designed & manufacturedUK designed & manufactured
This picture shows a sample with poor toughness due to contamination from recycled material

Product problem

Possible cause

Fixing lugs can snapPoor impact strength
Breaks too easilyPoor tensile strength
Too brittlePoor elasticity
Deforms too easilyLow yield strength
DistortionUnstable structure/residual stress
Poor surface finishWet feedstock or contamination
Low/High ModulusDifferent crystallinity
Softens at too low temperaturee.g. PA6 used instead of PA66
Poor weld performancee.g. PP contamination in HDPE
The problems listed above are likely to arise from time to time, and can result in product failure, reduced quality, or processing difficulties. These problems can often be detected prior to processing simply by testing a few granules of the raw material with the identiPol.

The following links explain how the identiPol can help your industry with the above issues :


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