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Can recycled polymer match prime grades? Recycling firms worldwide are making great strides in this area and the identiPol is here to help. The Quality Index Score derived from a quick temperature ramp test gives insight into mechanical performance, melting point, thermal stability all summarised in a score out of ten! This means the maker or user of recycled plastics can be confident of their attempts to overcome typical problems such as additive loss and degradation in previous processing.

There are two devices in the identiPol product range. The QA2 is used in the plastics conversion sector, either to reject bad material before it disrupts a production run, or find new supply routes, or even warn that process conditions may need to be changed! The OIT provides the user with an international standard test (ISO-11357-6-2008), used to determine the thermal stability of a polymer.

As polymer recycling is set to become more and more important globally, now is a great time to get on the procedural cutting edge.


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