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Specialist manufacturers know only too well that that product failure is expensive. If your customers are trusting you with the manufacture of their product, it seems unfortunate that the manufacturer can carry the can for material that does not meet its specification. For example;
  • Does that weld hold if the material is substandard?
  • Does that PE component fracture if it is contaminated with PP
The identiPol provides that Quality Assurance check. With a simple score out of ten, the material can be tested across the thermal and mechanical profile to ensure the material supplied this time is the same as that supplied last time, giving you the confidence that someone else's error won't be harming your reputation and balance sheet.
"The simple scale allows Polypipe Civils to measure the polymeric properties of each batch of recycled material prior to use. The capability is invaluable."
Oliver Monk, Polypipe Civils
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