Save Time, Save Money, Secure Your Reputation

Save time
  • Prevent incorrect material entering the production line
  • Quick "Go/No Go" decision in the factory regarding material Quality Assurance
  • Ensure production is running at full capacity by reducing down time
  • Quick and easy to interpret results
Save money
  • Reduce Scrap and Wastage
  • Eliminate the need for expensive test equipment and/or external analysis
  • Reduce expensive additives whilst maintaining product quality
  • Potentially reduce insurance premiums.
  • Change to a cheaper material or supplier whilst maintaining product quality, e.g. confident use of off spec material
Secure your reputation
  • Prevent Poor production runs being delivered to your customer
  • Show your customer a traceable "Certificate of Conformance"
  • Defend product complaints from your customer
  • Allow you to discuss quality issues with your supplier backed up real evidence
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